Thursday Night Football Betting, Schedule, Guide and Sites

Betting on the NFL in Arizona isn't just a Sunday and Monday experience. For the past few years, bettors have been able to wager on Thursday Night games that are featured on NFL Network and FOX. Here is everything you need to know about gambling on the National Football League on Thursday nights.

Best TNF Betting Sites in Arizona

Where Can You Bet On TNF In Arizona?

You can bet on the NFL and Thursday Night Football on all of your favorite AZ sportsbooks. These games on NFL Network and FOX will have all the traditional bets available, as well as prop bets.

Thursday Night Football Schedule

Week 1: September 9

Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

In the first game o f the season, the Buccaneers will unveil their Super Bowl champion banner, then take on Dak Prescott and the Cowboys. This game features two of the best offenses in the NFL and promises to be a high-scoring affair. It is worth noting that this game will be on NBC and not NFL Network.

Week 2: September 16

New York Giants at Washington Football Team

One of the oldest rivalries in sports, the Giants will take on the Washington Football Team in a big-time NFC East battle. These project to be two of the best defenses in football with offenses that should be much better in 2021. This will be the first Thursday game on NFL Network during the year.

Week 3: September 23

Carolina Panthers at Houston Texans

Will Sam Darnold be a fit in offensive coordinator Joe Brady's scheme in Carolina? This might be his last chance to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, but the Panthers are loaded on offense and should be competitive in the NFC. Be sure to check out this game on NFL Network in Week 3.

Week 4: September 30

Jacksonville Jaguars at Cincinnati Bengals

We saw the matchup between Trevor Lawrence and Joe Burrow in college in the 2019 CFP National Championship Game, and now we will see it for the first time in the NFL. Both players were the No. 1 pick in their respective draft classes and are tasked with turning around historically bad franchises.

Week 5: October 7

Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks

Of all the games on the Thursday Night Football schedule, this one might be the most intriguing. The Seahawks won the NFC West in 2020, but the Rams advanced further in the playoffs by winning in the first round at Seattle. Both teams believe they are Super Bowl contenders and this could be a huge game with playoff implications.

Week 6: October 14

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Philadelphia Eagles

The second Thursday Night Football appearance for Tom Brady and the Bucs, as they will take on Jalen Hurts and the Eagles. Can the Eagles pull off the upset against the best team in football?

Week 7: October 21

Denver Broncos at Cleveland Browns

The Broncos have one of the best defenses (on paper) in the NFL, but they will be traveling to Cleveland on Thursday Night Football in late October. Can they stop one of the league's most potent rushing attacks? A primetime game in Cleveland will always be must-see TV.

Week 8: October 28

Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals

The Packers and Cardinals have had some memorable playoff games over the past decade and that's why this contest is among the best on the NFL Network slate of games. Aaron Rodgers and Kyler Murray are both legit MVP candidates and are hoping to lead their teams to the playoffs in the NFC.

Week 9: November 4

New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts

No. 2 overall draft pick Zach Wilson is the new franchise quarterback for the Jets and he will be tested on primetime on NFL Network against a stout Colts team. New Indianapolis quarterback Carson Wentz will miss the early part of the season with a foot injury but could be back by early November, so this should be an intriguing matchup to watch with both teams ushering in new passers.

Week 10: November 11

Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins

In the last three meetings between the Ravens and Dolphins, Baltimore has outscored Miami 137-16. But the Dolphins are as talented as ever and they are hoping that No. 6 pick Jaylen Waddle can bring more explosive plays to their offense.

Week 11: November 18

New England Patriots at Atlanta Falcons

The Patriots and Falcons provided us one of the best Super Bowls ever. But can one of these two teams reverse their luck from the 2020 season and get back into the playoffs?

Week 12: November 25

Buffalo Bills at New Orleans Saints

This is the third and final game on Thanksgiving Day, as the 2020 NFC South champion Saints will host the 2020 AFC East winner, the Buffalo Bills. Both teams will try to make it back to the playoffs for a third consecutive year and this should be a great test for both squads in primetime.

Week 13: December 2

Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints

The Cowboys and Saints will both play on a Thursday for the second consecutive week, this time on NFL Network. Both teams are powered by great offenses, but can their defenses make a leap in 2021?

Week 14: December 9

Pittsburgh Steelers at Minnesota Vikings

Is this the last dance for Ben Roethlisberger with the Pittsburgh Steelers? They have an incredibly difficult schedule at the end of the season, starting with the new and improved Minnesota Vikings, in a game which can be seen on FOX and NFL Network. Both teams expect to make the playoffs this season and this could be a critical matchup as we head into the final few weeks of the year.

Week 15: December 16

Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers

Patrick Mahomes versus Justin Herbert in an AFC West showdown. Can this be the season where the Chargers finally knock off the Chiefs as the top team in the division? Tune into NFL Network on December 16 to find out.

Week 16: December 23

San Francisco 49ers at Tennessee Titans

This matchup will feature two of the best rushing teams in the NFL along with several other talented playmakers on offense. Both the 49ers and Titans could be legit Super Bowl contenders in their respective conferences and this should be one of the better Thursday games on the slate this year.

Week 16: December 25 (4:30 PM ET)

Cleveland Browns at Green Bay Packers

In the first game in a Christmas Day doubleheader of Saturday games (included here because it's part of the NFL Network/FOX television slate), NFL Network will go out to Lambeau Field for the Browns and the Packers. We can only assume it will be a cold, snowy day for what should be one of the best games of the year.

Week 16: December 25 (8:15 PM ET)

Indianapolis Colts at Arizona Cardinals

This is the second game of a doubleheader for NFL Network on Christmas Day. Both the Colts and Cardinals figure to be in playoff contention this year, so this could be a game with huge implications in Week 16. This is also the final game on NFL Network for the year.

Popular Bets on NFL's Thursday Night Football

While there are many ways to bet on Thursday Night Football, here are some of the most popular, fun and profitable wagers you should be making:


The moneyline is the simplest bet in the NFL. Players choose which team will win as the final margin of victory does not matter. Here is an example of what a moneyline bet would look like on Thursday Night Football (or during any NFL game):

Los Angeles Rams (+125) vs. Arizona Cardinals (-150)

In this example, the Cardinals are the favorites, indicated by the (-) symbol. A $150 bet would win back the original stake plus $100. The Rams are the underdog, as indicated by the (+) symbol. A $100 bet would pay back the original stake plus $125 in profit.

Live Betting Thursday Night Football

Players in Arizona can live bet on Thursday Night Football, along with every other NFL game. Live betting options include moneyline, point spread and total bets. Some sites may even offer live prop bets, but be sure to check out each site's live betting options.


A parlay bet is when multiple bets are combined into a single bet. For a parlay bet to win, all legs of the bet must hit. But parlay bets have appeal because they offer bigger payouts. Players can parlay the moneyline/point spread with the point total during a Thursday Night Football game for better odds and a higher payout.

Point Spreads

A point spread is a way oddsmakers and online sportsbooks balance two uneven teams. Here is an example of how a point spread could look for an NFL game:

Seattle Seahawks +3 (-110) vs. Washington Football Team -3 (-110)

In this example, the Seahawks are a 3-point underdog. Seattle would need to win outright or lose by no more than 3 points to cover the spread. Likewise, the Washington Football Team are 3-point favorites. Washington would need to win by more than 3 points to cover the spread. The payout for each team, in this case, is -110, meaning that a player would need to wager $110 to earn a $100 profit.

Totals Betting

Another way to bet on the NFL is by point totals. Online sportsbooks will set a total of points that are expected to be scored in a game and it's up to bettors in AZ to wager on the Over or Under. Here is an example:

OVER 56.5 (-110)

UNDER 56.5 (-110)

In this case, the payout for both bets is the same at -110. Point totals can drastically differ from site to site, so be sure to shop for the best lines before placing a bet. If the two teams combine to score 57 or more points in a game, the Over bettors win. If the teams combine for 56 or fewer points, the Under wagers win.

Prop Bets

One of the most fun and popular new ways to bet on the NFL is with proposition, or "prop" wagers. Prop bets are a way to bet on a game, team, or player without the final results of a contest becoming a factor. For example, a bettor can wager on the total amount of passing touchdowns for Kyler Murray in a game. Or, players can wager on the number of made field goals for both teams during a Thursday Night game. Be sure to check out your favorite online sportsbooks to see what prop bets are available for your favorite NFL football game.

Where to watch Thursday Night Football

You can watch Thursday Night Football everywhere you can normally enjoy NFL action, but there are also several other ways to watch as well. Streaming is one of the reasons for its rapid success and here is how you can do so from your laptop, desktop or mobile device.

Streaming Thursday Night Football

NFL fans can now watch their favorite sport on NFL Network, or through Amazon Prime. It's a great way to watch football from anywhere.

Thursday Night Football Betting Tips

Before placing any bet on the NFL, here are a few tips and tricks you should be using to help maximize your chances of winning.

Follow Injury Reports

Injury reports are vital during short weeks. Keep track of which players practiced in the days leading to the game and which ones might be out or be playing at less than 100 percent. Injuries can shift betting lines, so follow the injury report throughout the week.

Bet Primetime Players Instead Of Teams

There are a handful of players that perform better (or worse) in primetime than others. Teams can tend to be a bit inconsistent in this area. But some players, especially quarterbacks, tend to be more consistent under the lights. Before you place a bet, see how the star quarterback for each team performs in primetime.

Pay Attention to Rest Advantages

One of the biggest disadvantages to Thursday night games is the short amount of rest. That can have a major impact on some teams. Be sure to see how much time between games each team has as the fresher team often wins a higher percentage of these primetime contests.

Shop Betting Lines

One of the best pieces of advice we can offer is to shop for the best lines. Online sportsbooks will often offer different lines and payouts, so take a few minutes before placing a bet to see which one makes the most sense for you.

Live Betting

If you are live betting an NFL game, you should actually watch the game. That way, you can get a sense of how the game is flowing and possible momentum shifts that can impact the odds.

Get Started Betting on TNF Games

Betting on Thursday Night Football can be a little less predictable than normal Sunday games because both teams usually have less rest. However, if you follow the tips and tricks listed above, you can enjoy these primetime games in the middle of the week. If you're ready to bet on Thursday Night Football in Arizona, review the legal operators, sign up, claim a promo, and get started. The whole process takes just 5 to 10 minutes.

Arizona Thursday Night Football Betting FAQ

The first Thursday Night Football game of the year will take place on September 9 between the Cowboys and Buccaneers. The traditional TNF slate on FOX and NFL Network will start in Week 2 on September 16.

Yes. All NFL (and college games) can be wagered on in the state of Arizona.

Kickoff for most Thursday Night Football games on NFL Network will start at 8:15 p.m. ET, but check in each week as the times may change.

The NFL has a partnership with Amazon, so fans can enjoy the game via Amazon Prime on their laptop or mobile devices. Fans can also enjoy the game on NFL Network as well as FOX.


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