Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona Promo Code: $200 in Bonus Bets

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There are strong suggestions that Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona may be about to join the busy Arizona sports betting market. Let’s look at the features that will make this an exciting new arrival on the scene.

Fanatics Sportsbook AZ Promo Code & Launch Updates

📆 Anticipated Launch Date:Early 2024
🎁 Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona Promo Code:TBD
💰 Expected Fanatics Sportsbook Promo:$200 in Bonus Bets
📱 Apple/Android Ratings:4.7 | 3.8
✍️ Reviewed By:Martin Booth
Last Verified:December 6, 2023

While we wait for an official promo code that Fanatics Sportsbook bettors can claim, be sure to consider other Arizona sportsbook promos from other legal sports betting apps and sites.

What is the Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona Promo Code?

Although the Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona does not yet have a license to operate in the Grand Canyon State, we have a good idea what lies in wait for new customers. Based on the offer in other states, the Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona bonus code is likely to trigger the chance to earn $200 in bonus bets.

Until the Fanatics promo code is available, consider other promos such as the BetMGM Arizona bonus code

Do I Need a Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona Promo Code? 

Whether or not you'll need a Fanatics promo code is yet to be seen. Once the Fanatics Sportsbook launches in Arizona we'll let you know not only what the promo code is but if you actually need a code when signing up.

Is Fanatics Sportsbook Legal in Arizona Today?

No, Fanatics Sportsbook is not yet legal or ready to operate in Arizona today. We anticipate Fanatics to go live here but there's currently not a date yet announced for a launch.

Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona Legislation Timeline & Updates

Fanatics is a familiar name to American sports fans. It is one of the biggest online sportswear brands, with nearly 100 million people on its database. So every step of its journey towards an entry into the world of online sports betting has been closely followed.

  • 📅 September 26, 2023: Fanatics Sportsbook unveils BetVision through an agreement with Genius Sports, allowing sports bettors to live stream local and regionalized NFL games if they have bet on a game. 
  • 📅 September 1, 2023: Fanatics, which owns Fanatics Sportsbook, announces that it will operate as PointsBet, a Fanatics Experience in Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia - in connection with its acquisition of PointsBet US. Fanatics Sportsbook will continue to operate its own brand in its current states including Massachusetts, Ohio, Tennessee and Maryland. 
  • 📅 August 29, 2023: Arizona announces that it has cleared Bet365 to offer sports betting in the state. That will bring the total number of online sportsbooks to 17, with every prospect that other operators such as Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona might gain further licenses; there can be a maximum of 20.
  • 📅 August 16, 2023: The Fanatics Sportsbook launches in four states: Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Tennessee. It is clearly intent on adding further territories to that list in the near future.
  • 📅 May 14, 2023: Fanatics announces that it has acquired the PointsBet sportsbook in a deal ultimately worth about $220 million. This grants it access to all the states where PointsBet holds a legal online sports betting license.
  • 📅 September 9, 2021: Online sports betting begins in Arizona, as the first 16 legal online sportsbooks launch.
  • 📅 April 15, 2021: The online sports betting bill, HB2772, is passed by the state legislature and signed into law by governor Doug Ducey.
  • 📅 May 14, 2018: The US Supreme Court voids the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, clearing the way for states to host legal sports betting.

Learn More About the Fanatics Sportsbook Mobile App

The Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona app will be key to the success of the brand when it launches in the Grand Canyon State. Not least because, for the moment at least, the Fanatics Sportsbook is available only as a sports betting app. In the absence of a desktop website, all the focus has been on making the Fanatics Sportsbook mobile app as good as it possibly could be. Reviews and ratings from sports bettors in the states where it has gone live so far suggests those efforts have been successful.

In a sports betting market as competitive as Arizona’s, it is essential to deliver a premium sportsbook mobile app. Brands such as FanDuel Arizona have had several years of experience to refine their offering. However, it seems clear that the Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona app will be one of the best Arizona sports betting apps you can find.    

How to Download Fanatics Sportsbook Betting App

To start using the Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona betting app, go to your app store. Search for the Fanatics Sportsbook - taking care not to access the merchandise app - click on it, and it will download to your home screen.

Apple App Store Score:⭐️ 4.7
Google Play Store Score:⭐️ 3.8

What Makes the Fanatics Sportsbook App Stand Out 

When you check out the Fanatics sports betting app at the major app stores, the word that is used repeatedly in many a Fanatics Sportsbook review is “ease”. This is a mobile betting app that makes it easy to find what you are looking for, easy to move from screen to screen – and easy to place your bets.   

Do I Have to Download the Fanatics Sportsbook App?

Usually, you can access an online sportsbook’s website version through your mobile device without having to download its sportsbook mobile app. However, it is likely that the Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona will be available only as a mobile sportsbook app. That means you will need to visit the app store appropriate to your device, search for the Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona and download it to your home screen.       

Fanatics Sportsbook App Pros & Cons

Excellent user interface that makes it easy to find what you are looking for
Availability of all Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona promos
Access to a wide range of sports betting markets and bet types
Inevitable teething troubles in the early days of a new sportsbook app
Some users report geo-location issues

What iOS Users Are Saying

  • 🗣️ "In terms of sports betting alone, it’s a decent app. Some pretty good picks and odds."
  • 🗣️ "I really enjoyed the app and how easy it was to use. The promotions were awesome."
  • 🗣️ "The pictures, layouts, the UI is beautiful. However, the app glitches like crazy."

What Android Users Are Saying

  • 🗣️ "My favorite sports betting app. Fast payout, everything works great! I highly recommend."
  • 🗣️ "Love the interface and simplicity of app."
  • 🗣️ "Needs work. The app is buggy, but simple to use."

How to Sign Up for a Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona Betting Account

You should find it easy to begin using your Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona promo codes by signing up for an account once they go live. To get started, you can either access the Fanatics Sportsbook app through your app store, or use the QR code on the brand’s online landing page. Then follow these steps:

  1. ✅ Click on the Register Now button
  2. ✅ Provide your email address and create a password
  3. ✅ Give your name, address and cellphone number
  4. ✅ Share the last four digits of your Social Security number
  5. ✅ Enter any Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona promo code you have been given
  6. ✅ Once your account is verified, make your first deposit
  7. ✅ You’re ready to start sports betting with the Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona

Additional Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona Promos

It will be fascinating to explore the range of Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona promos that are made available to sports bettors in the Grand Canyon State. We expect this operator to match the types of promos available elsewhere – but there are a couple of examples of offers that will have a unique flavor.

Odds Boosts

It will be surprising if this is not the most frequent type of Fanatics Sportsbook bonus available on a daily basis when the operator launches in Arizona. Offering a little extra value on certain markets each day is a great way for any online sportsbook to create the perception that this is the right place enjoy your wagering. Look out for a special odds boost section, or find these daily offers among the other promotions. Ideally, you’ll see the original odds too, so you know how big your boost is.        

Parlay Insurance

Parlay bets remain incredibly popular with sports bettors, and offering parlay insurance is a great way for any online sportsbook to encourage visitors to try one. Usually, when you place parlays, including same-game parlays, all your picks have to be right to generate a return. With parlay insurance, however, you get your stake back if just one of your selections lets you down. This is the type of regular Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona bonus we expect to see when it launches here.        

Merch Opportunities

Given the back-story of Fanatics, one of the most obvious ways to attract new business will be through the brand’s extensive experience in licensed sports merchandise. The company will undoubtedly try to leverage its existing customer base as it targets sports bettors. One type of Fanatics Sportsbook promotions Arizona customers can expect will be the chance to win licensed sports merchandise as part of a betting bonus. We know this style of promo will be at the heart of the FanCash program too (see below).

Special Offers

The team behind the Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona have made it clear they want to produce a high-quality product that will compete with the leading names in online sports betting. That means being able to offer special deals on particular sporting events and series. Look out for enhancements and boosts around the beginning of the regular season in the NBA, NFL and more, as well as chances to get extra value from your wagering on events such as the Super Bowl, World Series, and March Madness.

Referral Promo

Every leading online sportsbook incentivizes its clientele to get their friends to sign up too. You should be given a unique referral link that you can share with any buddy who wants to become a customer. Once they use that link to sign up for an account, you should both be eligible for a bonus bet. Ideally, you should be able to earn several bonus bets by inviting a number of your pals to join in the fun.

Fanatics Sportsbook Rewards Program

Perhaps the most intriguing of all the Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona bonuses that are likely to be available is the loyalty program. This is where you’ll see the clearest cross-over between online sports betting and Fanatics’ traditional sweet spot of sports merchandise.

Every time you place a bet, you earn a certain proportion of your stake in FanCash:

  • 1% on Straight Bets
  • 3% on Parlay Bets
  • 5% on Same Game Parlays

You can redeem your FanCash for:

  • 💰 Bonus Bets
  • 💸 As a discount on merch from
  • 🏈 To use on partner sites like the NFL Shop, NHL Shop, MLB Shop or NBA Store

So if you place a $20 same-game parlay, you earn $1 in FanCash.

As your FanCash piles up, you can convert it into bonus bets – or use it to buy merchandise at or affiliated team shops. The appeal is strong, but we advise you to wager responsibly at all times. Don’t bet beyond your comfort zone simply to qualify for more FanCash rewards.   

Get to Know Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona: Sportsbook Review

The launch of the Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona will be the latest steps in one of the most exciting recent developments in the sports betting world. This is a mobile-first, cutting-edge sportsbook delivered by one of the most familiar names among sports fans. It will be fascinating to see how successful the Fanatics sports betting brand is in carving out a niche in the fiercely competitive sports betting industry.

The early signs are undoubtedly positive. This is a brand that puts the emphasis on a top-notch customer experience. Its excellent user interface promises to deliver a host of great Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona bonuses, allied with a huge choice of sports to bet on – and a great range of bet types for you to enjoy. Let's look at some of the features we expect to find at the Fanatics Arizona Sportsbook.

Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona Features

As well as the opportunity to use a Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona bonus, there should be plenty of other features that make this a great place to visit. They include: 

Competitive Odds

More experienced sports bettors will tell you that finding the best odds about the wager you want to strike is a key element of the wagering experience. The Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona, which will have odds delivered by trusted provider Amelco, aims to be highly competitive in this respect.

Visitors in other states have noted that the odds here are comparable to those at leading rival sportsbooks. However, the Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona odds are set to be particularly competitive. Allied with Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona bonuses such as odds boosts and other enhancements, the pricing here should be highly attractive.           

Live Betting 

The fact that the Fanatics Sportsbook mobile app is built to be sleek and speedy makes it an ideal destination for fans of live betting. The ability to wager in play is a massive asset for any modern sportsbook. Increasing numbers of sports bettors like to place their wagers on the fast-moving odds that shift in response to the action on the pitch.

The Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona will have the capacity to offer a generous selection of live betting events. There should also be a healthy number of live streaming options too, so you can watch the action you’ve wagered on. This is a feature that will make this brand highly competitive.            

Range of Sports

You should be able to use the bonus bets generated by your Fanatics Sportsbook AZ promo codes to wager on a wide range of sports. Naturally, there will be a strong focus on the leading North American leagues – the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. You will also be able to place bets on the best college sports action in Arizona and beyond.

However, we expect the regular menu of sporting options to feature a host of popular national and international leagues and events. Look out for the chance to wager on soccer, golf, tennis, motorsports, boxing, and many more. There should also be odds on major events such as the summer and winter Olympics.              

Customer Support

The Fanatics brand has long been associated with good customer service, and there is every sign that this has been carried into its reinvention as a sports betting operator. Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona visitors should find a selection of ways to get in touch with the customer support team – and a quick, expert response when you make contact.

The best way to have an issue resolved is to use the live chat feature. Players in other states have generally had positive experiences here. You may also get a relatively swift response when you get in touch via email or the brand’s Twitter/X feed.

Banking Options for Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona Users

We will not know precisely which banking methods will be available at the Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona until the operator launches in the Grand Canyon State. However, we can predict that you will be able to use many of the most popular options for making deposits and withdrawals when enjoying legal sports betting.                 

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • ACH Transfer

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods Available

The following methods are ways we anticipate you'll be able to deposit and withdraw your funds at the Fanatics Sportsbook. 

💰 Deposit Methods:💰 Withdrawal Methods:
Debit Cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Bank Transfer, E-checks, 
Other e-wallets, Play+ prepaid cards, PayNearMe
PayPal, Apple Pay, Bank Transfer, E-checks, 
Other e-wallets, Check by Mail


How Long Does a Fanatics Sportsbook Withdrawal Take?

The length of your wait will depend on the method you use. Some - like Apple Pay, PayPal and other e-wallets - are reasonably swift. There may also be a delay if the operator carries out internal checks on each withdrawal.

Does Fanatics Sportsbook Cash Out Instantly?

If the Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona is able to offer retail sports betting at a retail sportsbook, you should be able to withdraw your money in cash. However, it is not certain at this stage whether the brand will have a retail sportsbook in Arizona.

Can I Use Paypal, CashApp, or Venmo at Fanatics Sportsbook?

It is likely that you will be able to use popular e-wallets such as PayPal and Venmo to fund your Fanatics Sportsbook account, and to make withdrawals. However, it is less likely that using CashApp will be an option. Check the list of banking methods when it is available.

Popular Bet Types Available at Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona

There should be plenty of ways for you to use any bonus bets generated by Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona promotions. We expect all popular types of wager to be available, namely:

  • Moneyline
  • Point spreads
  • Over/unders
  • Prop bets
  • Parlays
  • Live bets
  • Teasers
  • Futures

Software at Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona

The experienced sports betting technology provider Amelco is the power behind the Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona. Amelco, formerly associated with FOX Bet, will also provide the odds. The feedback from players in other states suggests Grand Canyon State bettors have plenty to look forward to in terms of the quality of the platform and of the odds it delivers.

Safety at the Fanatics Sportsbook AZ

The Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona has an advantage over many of its competitors as it begins life as a sports betting brand. This is a leading online retailer with extensive knowledge of the importance of keeping customers’ data safe – and the methods that can be used to achieve that.

Tens of millions of people have already entrusted their personal details to Fanatics, so this operator will be comfortable with the need to use security techniques such as end-to-end encryption and dual-factor authentication to keep those details safe at all times.  

How to Contact Fanatics Sportsbook in Arizona

There are several ways in which you can contact the Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona with a query or a problem. The best way to get a quick response is to use the live chat feature in the Account section on your home screen. Alternatively, you can send an email to [email protected]. You may also get an answer if post a DM at the Twitter/X account @FanaticsBook.   

Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona Sportsbook vs. Other Sportsbooks in Arizona

In a crowded and competitive market like Arizona’s, the Fanatics betting operation will stand out because of the high profile it already enjoys as a sportswear brand. This will undoubtedly earn the Fanatics brand a great deal of attention – but it will have to back it up with a top-quality online sports betting product.

A top product like that of ESPN BET Arizona. While we still await to get a good feel for the Fanatics Sportsbook app, ESPN BET just launched in Arizona and across the country in November 2023 and has rave reviews. A difference between two of the biggest names in sports today is Fanatics Sportsbook has been working over 2 years on their tech while ESPN BET is utilizing the tech provided from Penn Entertainment.

Responsible Gambling at Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona

Like all legal online sportsbooks, the Fanatics betting operation in Arizona will need to follow stringent measures that ensure its customers are encouraged to gamble responsibly at all times. Expect to find a prominent and detailed section that informs players how to control the amount of money and time they spend wagering – and how to take a break if they need to.

There will also be direct links to helplines and agencies that can offer expert advice and support. These should include state bodies such as the Arizona Division of Problem Gambling, and local branches of respected national bodies including the Council on Problem Gambling. 

Our Final Conclusion of this Arizona Fanatics Sportsbook Review

The simplest conclusion of any Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona review right now has to be that we cannot wait to see it. Early indications from other states are that this will be a premium entry to the online sports betting landscape in the state.

The history of the Fanatics brand demonstrates that this is an operation with the digital experience and insight to make a serious and sustained effort to carve out its own niche in this new field. And in just a few months since it went live, Fanatics Sportsbook users have found a place to play that is filled with potential.

We expect the Fanatics Sportsbook AZ bonus codes to deliver an excellent welcome offer, and for that to be followed by a steady supply of inviting promos. You should never be too far away from an attractive bonus.

The number of sports and betting options is also impressive, while the quality of the mobile-only platform that delivers them is already winning many admirers. This will be a crucial consideration as the brand vies with a well-established operation such as BetMGM Arizona, which delivers an excellent mobile app that has already had its wrinkles ironed out.

If the Fanatics Sportsbook becomes a reality – and the brand has made it clear it wants to expand into further states – a visit to see what the fuss is about has to be high on the agenda for sports betting enthusiasts. 

Fanatics Sportsbook Arizona FAQs


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