Current Arizona NFL MVP Betting & Odds 2022

By Marcus Mosher

One of the most common (and most fun) futures bets in Arizona a bettor can make is wagering on the upcoming NFL MVP odds.

Below is everything you need to know about how to read MVP odds, betting trends and tips and tricks for the Most Valuable Player award that is handed out at the end of the season.

Best NFL MVP Betting Sites in Arizona

How to Read NFL MVP Betting Odds

All NFL MVP odds are based on a hypothetical $100 bet. So to use Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray as an example, his odds sit +1600 on most Arizona sportsbooks. That means a $100 wager would earn a bettor a profit of $1,600.

In the case of NFL MVP odds, it's rare to see a player as a (-) favorite considering there are so many options and variables. However, as the season goes on, one player could emerge as a big favorite and be listed at -200, for example. In this case, a bettor would need to wager $200 to earn a profit of $100.

Get Started Betting on NFL MVPs

Betting on the NFL MVP awards and other season-long futures bets is one of the most enjoyable way to bet on football. But before checking out the NFL MVP futures, scroll through BetArizona for all the latest updates and guides on NFL betting in Arizona, such as moneyline, parlays bets in AZ and NFL futures bets.

NFL MVP Betting Trends

Since the 2001 season, only three non-quarterbacks have taken home the Most Valuable Player award. Those three were all running backs. However, no non-quarterback has won the award since Adrian Peterson in 2012. So while the odds are typically more favorable to bet on a non-quarterback, it is smarter to bet on a quarterback to win the award.

Another trend worth mentioning is the success of a player's team. A player named MVP is usually on a team that reaches the postseason. An MVP doesn't necessarily have to be on the No. 1 seed in their respective conference, but the team needs to be successful and in the playoffs for him to garner votes.

Previous NFL MVP Winners

Over the last 10 years, only one non-quarterback has taken home the Most Valuable Player award. Here are the last 10 winners and their respective teams that season:

🥇 Aaron Rodgers (QB)2021 - Green Bay Packers
🥇 Aaron Rodgers (QB)2020 - Green Bay Packers
🥇 Lamar Jackson (QB)2019 - Baltimore Ravens
🥇 Patrick Mahomes (QB)2018 - Kansas City Chiefs
🥇 Tom Brady (QB)2017 - New England Patriots
🥇 Matt Ryan (QB)2016 - Atlanta Falcons
🥇 Cam Newton (QB)2015 - Carolina Panthers
🥇 Aaron Rodgers (QB)2014 - Green Bay Packers
🥇 Peyton Manning (QB)2013 - Denver Broncos
🥇 Adrian Peterson (RB)2012 - Minnesota Vikings

List of Teams with Most MVP Winners

The Packers have the most NFL MVP winners at ten each. Paul Hornung, Jim Taylor and Bart Starr each took home the award before the NFL/AFL merger in 1970. Here are the franchises with the most MVPs and the players with the most awards for each team:

  • Green Bay Packers - 10 (Aaron Rodgers 4x, Brett Favre 3x)
  • Indianapolis/Baltimore Colts - 9 (Peyton Manning 4x)
  • San Francisco 49ers - 5 (Steve Young 2x, Joe Montana 2x)
  • Cleveland Browns - 4 (Jim Brown 3x)
  • St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams - 4 (Kurt Warner 2x)

List of Teams With No MVP Winners

Seven franchises have not produced an NFL MVP winner. Those franchises are:

  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Houston Texans
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • New Orleans Saints
  • New York Jets
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Betting on NFL MVP Futures in Arizona

NFL bettors will be able to wager on MVP futures and all other NFL bets once online sports betting in Arizona launches. Sports betting was officially legalized in the state on April 15, 2021. But it will take some time for sites to get up and running. The hope is that online sportsbooks will be up and running in early September, right before the NFL season kicks off.

How Is The NFL MVP Award Typically Decided?

A panel of 50 sportswriters and journalists from around the country vote on the MVP award. This vote will happen after the regular season but before the playoffs. These 50 voters come from the Associated Press, but will often include sports personalities and broadcasters.

Arizona Cardinals Favorites for the NFL MVP Award

Kyler Murray, the quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals, is his team's top choice among oddsmakers to win the MVP award. His odds sit at +1600 on DraftKings, but those Arizona online betting odds can vary from site to site. Murray is entering the third year of his NFL career and is coming off a season with 4,790 total yards (rushing plus passing) and 37 total touchdowns. If the Cardinals make the playoffs in 2021, it will likely be because of a strong season by Murray that could put him in the MVP conversation.

The next highest NFL MVP odds for the Cardinals is WR DeAndre Hopkins at +10000. No wide receiver has higher odds to win NFL MVP than Hopkins. In his first season with the Cardinals, he totaled over 1,400 yards and scored six touchdowns. He would need to improve on those numbers significantly to win the award; no wide receiver in NFL history has ever been named MVP.

Other Popular NFL Futures Bets

If you want to bet on the NFL, but don't find moneylines and point spreads appealing, then futures bets might be the next-best option. NFL futures bets are simply placing a bet on a long-term outcome. Players can wager on just about every award and outcome, such as the MVP Award, Rookie of the Year, Super Bowl champion, etc. The appeal of a futures bet is that a bettor can watch/root for a team or player all year long rather than just in one week. Here is a list of just a few of the most common futures bets available to NFL bettors.

Super Bowl Winner

Outside of the MVP award, betting on the upcoming Super Bowl champion is the most common futures bet on the market. All 32 teams will have futures odds posted for their chance to win the championship, but as the season goes on, those odds will slowly be lowered or removed completely once teams drop out of playoff contention.

Bettors can wager on other similar outcomes, such as conference champion, division winner, etc. Some sportsbooks offer odds on which teams will have the best record in their respective conference and how all four teams might place within a division. Be sure to check out your favorite sportsbooks to see all the latest odds for the Super Bowl and other season-long futures bets.

Offensive Player Of The Year

Much like the NFL MVP, Offensive Player of the Year is another award where you can place a futures bet. This award more often is given to non-quarterbacks. However, quarterbacks can win this award as well: Patrick Mahomes, Cam Newton and Matt Ryan have taken home this award in recent memory. The 2021 winner was Cooper Kupp, after he led the league in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns.. Here is a look at the past 10 Offensive Player of the Year award winners:

🥇 Cooper Kupp (WR)2021 - Los Angeles Rams
🥇 Derrick Henry (RB)2020 - Tennessee Titans
🥇 Michael Thomas (WR)2019 - New Orleans Saints
🥇 Patrick Mahomes (QB)2018 - Kansas City Chiefs
🥇 Todd Gurley (RB)2017 - Los Angeles Rams
🥇 Matt Ryan (QB)2016 - Atlanta Falcons
🥇 Cam Newton (QB)2015 - Carolina Panthers
🥇 DeMarco Murray (RB)2014 - Dallas Cowboys
🥇 Peyton Manning (QB)2013 - Denver Broncos
🥇 Adrian Peterson (RB)2012 - Minnesota Vikings

In the past decade, the same player won the NFL MVP and Offensive POY in the same season five times. So it is possible for a non-MVP to take home this award.

Be sure to check out both the MVP odds as well as the Offensive Player of the Year odds to see which players are the best values heading into the season.

Defensive Player Of The Year

Bettors can also wager on the defensive player of the year at most online sportsbooks. This award typically favors pass rushers as there has never been a multiple-time Defensive Player of the Year in the secondary. Over the past decade, players like Aaron Donald, J.J. Watt and Khalil Mack have dominated this award as their sack totals have a great influence over voters. Here are the past 10 Defensive Player of the Year award winners:

🥇 T.J. Watt (OLB)2021 - Pittsburgh Steelers
🥇 Aaron Donald (DT)2020 - Los Angeles Rams
🥇 Stephon Gilmore (CB)2019 - New England Patriots
🥇 Aaron Donald (DT)2018 - Los Angeles Rams
🥇 Aaron Donald (DT)2017 - Los Angeles Rams
🥇 Khalil Mack (DE)2016 - Oakland Raiders
🥇 J.J. Watt (DE)2015 - Houston Texans
🥇 J.J. Watt (DE)2014 - Houston Texans
🥇 Luke Kuechly (LB)2013 - Carolina Panthers
🥇 J.J. Watt (DE)2012 - Houston Texans

Don't completely shy away though from defensive backs and linebackers. They are more likely to take home this award than a wide receiver or offensive linemen is to win the MVP. We've seen several safeties (Ed Reed, Bob Sanders, Troy Polamalu) win the award over the past 20 years, so search for the best MVP odds and values when betting on the defensive player of the year.

Coach Of The Year

Another common NFL futures bet is the Coach of the Year award. Typically, this award goes to the coach whose team surpassed expectations that season. The coach with the most wins will usually get some votes as well. Here are the past 10 NFL Coach of the Year award winners:

🏈 Mike Vrabel2021 - Tennessee Titans
🏈 Kevin Stefanski2020 - Cleveland Browns
🏈 John Harbaugh2019 - Baltimore Ravens
🏈 Matt Nagy2018 - Chicago Bears
🏈 Sean McVay2017 - Los Angeles Rams
🏈 Jason Garrett2016 - Dallas Cowboys
🏈 Ron Rivera2015 - Carolina Panthers
🏈 Bruce Arians2014 - Arizona Cardinals
🏈 Ron Rivera2013 - Carolina Panthers
🏈 Bruce Arians2012 - Indianapolis Colts



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