Arizona Live Betting Sites: In Play Sports Bets

Live betting in Arizona delivers an entirely new form of wagers that players can, and should, take advantage of during games. Here we'll discuss what exactly in-game betting looks like, what the best Arizona live betting sites have and the best ways for players to maximize their potential earnings on live bets.

Best Live Betting Sites in Arizona

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Caesars Sports
Best Choice
Must be 21+ and present in AZ. T&Cs apply.
Bonus Bets Expire in 7 Days. One New Customer Offer Only. Must be 21+ to participate & present in AZ. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-NEXT-STEP. Visit for Terms & Conditions. US promotional offers not available in NY, NV, or Puerto Rico.
Must be a new verified Betway customer & present in AZ. 21+. Opt-in may be req'd. Make your first min. deposit of $10+, place a wager up to $250 (with odds of –300 (1.33) or greater (i.e. -300, -150, +150, etc.)) and receive up to $250 as bonus bet funds if the wager loses. Wager must be settled within 7 days from new account opening Gambling problem? Call 1-800-NEXT-STEP (AZ).
Must be 21+ to participate & present in Arizona. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-NEXT-STEP. Deposit required. Bonus Bets winnings are added to Bonus Bets balance. Bonus Bet wager excluded from returns. T&Cs Apply.
Must be 21+ and present in AZ. T&Cs apply.
Offered by Seminole Hard Rock Digital, LLC. Must be 21+ and physically present in AZ to play. T&Cs Apply. In AZ call 1-800-NEXT-STEP or text NEXTSTEP to 53342.

What is Live Betting on Sports?

You wake up, log on to your favorite Arizona sportsbook, browse your preferred betting markets, and place the bets you feel best about in the games taking place later that night. Think you're done? Not so fast. Your experience doesn't end when the game begins. In fact, it's only just getting started.

Live betting, sometimes referred to as in-game betting, is exactly what it sounds like. The best live betting sites in Arizona will offer real-time odds that are constantly changing based on the status of a game. Players can place bets on live point spreads, live totals, live moneyline odds and much more while a game is being played. Most operators offer this option for bettors from the start of the game right up until the final buzzer, out, putt or point.

But live betting isn't as easy as it sounds. Think about a Phoenix Suns game, where teams can trade possessions, 3-pointers and fouls that instantly change the course of the outcome in a matter of seconds. Even in slower-paced games like baseball, a Diamondbacks home run in the late stages of a game can flip them from being severe underdogs to overwhelming favorites just with one swing of a bat.

Odds populate in real-time and, you can count on the Arizona sportsbook apps to be ahead of any television screen. This means bettors will need to be incredibly quick in placing their live bets to avoid them being canceled.

The Difference Between Live Betting & Live Streaming

Live betting and live streaming are quite different. Some operators will offer live streaming, where bettors can watch a game happening in real-time as if the game were being televised. Live betting is when players place live bets on a game that's being played. The two can work in tandem, as bettors are able to bet on live events while also live streaming that game. While the two sound alike, they're different.

Recommended Arizona Live Betting Sites - Available Now

Any legitimate operator will provide in-game betting for its users. The best live betting Arizona sportsbook is subjective because it all depends on what players are looking for from their betting experience. But we'll go over our favorite operators when it comes to in-game betting and what each provides better than the competition.

BetMGM Arizona: Best Live Betting App in Arizona

Bonus Bets Expire in 7 Days. One New Customer Offer Only. Must be 21+ to participate & present in AZ. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-NEXT-STEP. Visit for Terms & Conditions. US promotional offers not available in NY, NV, or Puerto Rico.

There's plenty to like about the BetMGM app, and its live bet app function is one of the main reasons. A clean interface, an easy-to-navigate user experience and a host of different markets make this an excellent app to use for live betting.

Sports for Live Betting: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, college basketball, college football, golf, tennis, soccer & more

Live Streaming: Yes

Live Betting on the App: Yes

Place a Live Bet at BetMGM Arizona

DraftKings Arizona: Highest Rated Live Betting Site in Arizona

DraftKings has it all when it comes to live sports betting in Arizona. A variety of markets, notifications on which markets have live bets, quick response times and betslips that populate quickly.

Sports for Live Betting: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, college basketball, college football, golf, tennis, soccer & more

Live Streaming: Yes

Live Betting on the App: Yes

Place a Live Bet at DraftKings Arizona

Caesars Sportsbook Arizona: Excellent Live Odds & Rewards Program

Bettors can earn rewards as they live bet, too. That's what Caesars provides bettors, who offer a great rewards program and an incredible sign-up bonus of up to $5,000 in risk-free bets. We'll leave it up to you if you want to use it all on a live bet, but it's certainly enticing.

Sports for Live Betting: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, college basketball, college football, golf, tennis, soccer & more

Live Streaming: Yes

Live Betting on the App: Yes

Place a Live Bet a Caesars Arizona

FanDuel Arizona: Excellent for Live Betting on US Sports

Must be 21+ and present in AZ. T&Cs apply.

FanDuel is one of the most established brands in the industry, so naturally, they have an outstanding selection of live sports betting options. In particular, we're fans of the live-bet options they provide with the four major sports.

Sports for Live Betting: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, college basketball, college football, golf, tennis, soccer & more

Live Streaming: No

Live Betting on the App: Yes

Place a Live Bet at FanDuel Arizona

WynnBET Arizona: Newest Live Betting Site; Easy to Use

The WynnBET sportsbook is newer to the scene, but we're big fans of the user experience, clean interface and navigation throughout the desktop website and mobile app.

Sports for Live Betting: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, college basketball, college football, golf, tennis, soccer & more

Live Streaming: No

Live Betting on the App: Yes

Place a Live Bet at WynnBet Arizona

PointsBet Arizona: Best Bonuses & Promotions

Looking for odds boosts and promotions to make your live betting experience better? Look no further than PointsBet, which constantly runs promotions around local teams that bettors can sometimes use during live bets, too.

Sports for Live Betting: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, college basketball, college football, golf, tennis, soccer & more

Live Streaming: No

Live Betting on the App: Yes

Place a Live Bet at PointsBet Arizona

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Pros & Cons of Live Betting on Sports in Arizona


The most obvious benefit of in-game wagering is that it provides more opportunities. Bettors also have more real-time information available based on how they feel a game is going. That's different from pre-game bets, where bettors have information but it's all in the past.

Perhaps bettors didn't have a feel for the game before it started because they wanted to see how one side was playing before taking a side. Maybe you bet one side of a game and it's become apparent early on that it's going to be a loser. You can right a wrong by grabbing a live bet. Perhaps the best reason? It's fun to be part of the action as it's happening.

  • More opportunities for bettors
  • More real-time information is available to bettors
  • Right a wrong after a bad start
  • Be part of the action as it's happening


Wagering on games before they begin is calm. Odds, spreads and totals often barely change, and the difference isn't significant if they do. That's the opposite with live betting. Odds at Arizona sportsbooks change in a matter of seconds and bettors need to be even quicker than that to place their live bet. The only real chance to breathe is during a timeout or inning change.

These ever-changing odds mean your odds can lose value in an instant. Consider grabbing the Suns' live line at +6 right before they get a steal and a dunk on the other end. Now the Suns' live line is +3 and you've lost out on three points in a matter of seconds.

Placing a bet live is chaotic and sometimes not worth the potential change in odds. Like all bets, in-play wagering is a gamble. And it happens so quickly that it can be tough to analyze exactly what's happening.

  • Chaotic process that requires quick decisions
  • Value can be lost in a matter of seconds

Recommended Sports for Live Betting

Most of the major Arizona sports betting sites have live-betting options. Here are our favorites.


A timely turnover, a red-zone stop, or a fourth-down conversion all can change live odds in an instant. Though the NFL and college football may be slower-paced than some of the other sports on this list, momentum can shift quicker than any other sport. Bet live football games and enjoy the chaos of NFL betting in Arizona! Did we mention that you can place live bets on the Super Bowl in Arizona?


With so much back-and-forth scoring, it's doesn't get much more hectic (or fun) than placing a live bet on a basketball game. It's a game of runs, so bettors will need to be strategic with how they place their Arizona NBA bets. However, it's one of the best for bettors interested in taking advantage of a heavy favorite or sneaky underdog.


Baseball is slow in nature, but odds can change instantly on a home run, if a team gets out of a bases-loaded jam or with a pitching change. Bettors will need to really analyze a team's pitcher, the situation on the base path and who's coming to the plate before seeing where value lies in a live bet. That said, MLB betting in Arizona, whether it’s on a live game or not, is certainly worth your interest.


There isn't much scoring in soccer compared to the other sports on this list, which means any goals that happen have a gigantic swing in odds to win the game. The wrinkle here is that bettors can also bet on a draw if they believe a tied match is done scoring. These odds change each minute, so bettors will need to time their live bets up depending on their feel for how each team is attacking (or not).


Like soccer, goals in hockey can swings odds in an instant. Live bettors in Arizona will also want to consider shots on goal for each team, power-play opportunities and how teams fare in overtime when they consider live pucklines and moneylines. To make the most of the game, be sure you know how to bet on the NHL in Arizona.


The pressure that mounts during the weekend of golf majors means plenty of swings for live bettors to consider. Constant checking of the leaderboard is advisable and understanding whatever course the tournament is being played at is necessary. Perhaps the back nine is easier than the front nine, meaning the leader has a better chance of holding on. Maybe it's supposed to rain later in the afternoon, meaning golfers playing earlier in the day have a better chance of scoring. In any case golf betting in Arizona is available at the top live betting sites.


Best Live Sport Bets Arizona Bettors Can Make

If you can dream it in a major market, it's available to bettors. Here are some of our favorite examples of live bets that you may come across at an Arizona sports betting app or online desktop platform.

Moneyline winner: This is a simple one. Perhaps the favorite went down early but you have confidence they'll come back and when. Its odds to win likely went down from where they were pregame, giving bettors improved moneyline betting odds.

Who will score the next goal/point? This is a popular one in most major markets. Whether it's which team will score the next run, score the next touchdown, make the next 3-pointer or score the next goal, there's always a "next" prop bet available during live betting.

What will the outcome of a penalty/drive be? Particular to hockey and football, live bet examples include whether a football team's drive will end in a touchdown or any points, and in hockey, power-play possessions turn into live prop bets on whether the team with the advantage will score a goal with the extra-man advantage.

What Makes a Great Real-Time Betting Site in AZ?

Bettors will decide what their best live betting sportsbook Arizona offers is based on what they're looking for in their sports betting experience. But in our reviews, here's what we like to see from the top live betting sites.

Sports & Leagues

Variety is the spice of life, and that's the same for live betting. Find a live betting site in Arizona that provides bettors with a variety of different sports and leagues to choose from when placing live bets. The more variety, the more options you'll have to take advantage of live odds in your favor.

Live Betting Odds

Most major operators have it, but live betting odds are critical to the experience. Whether it's just a live moneyline, spread and total, or it includes a number of fun live prop bets, find a site with in-game betting in some fashion.

Unique Markets

It's nice to shake things up occasionally, and operators that provide unique markets can be a benefit for bettors looking to wager on something different than the typical big four sports. Live-betting options in tennis, the Olympics, and UFC Arizona wagers give something for bettors the entire sports calendar.

Easy to Navigate

Live sports betting online in Arizona will happen very fast. It's critical that all operators provide bettors with a seamless experience where they can navigate through live bets and place them quickly. It's best to test out each sportsbook with a live bet or two to see which works best for you.

Live Betting Promotions

Some sites will provide bettors with boosts, bonuses and risk free bets when they place a live bet. An example is if a bettor places a $25 live bet, they'll receive a $10 free bet for that same market regardless of the outcome. Operators make these promotions well-known to bettors, so you'll understand what's available to you when you go to place a live bet.

How are Live Odds Calculated?

Operators have a complicated algorithm based on implied probability and statistical trends from the current game to create live odds. These are being calculated by the second, and it's nearly impossible to outsmart or be quicker than these computers.

Tips for Real-Time Betting in Arizona

There are many ways to bet live at a site of your choice. Here's our tips for in-game betting to take advantage of those odds and to maximize your potential payout.

Find a seamless experience

If you're going to make the best live bets right now, you're going to need an operator that delivers a fast user experience. Betslips will need to populate quickly, and live odds must change in real time in a way that bettors can analyze.

Have multiple accounts

Just like pregame bets can differ by site, the same goes for live bets. Players will want to have multiple online sites open during a game to find the best live betting sportsbook in Arizona for whichever market they're playing. It may not seem all that different, but it will add up over time.

Have a feel for the game

Always understand what's going on in a game when you decide to bet it live. This sounds simple, but it's important. Perhaps a team that was a favorite is now a big underdog and you bet it without knowing that its star player has gone down with an injury. Maybe you like a baseball game to hit the under but you're not aware that the bases are loaded with nobody out and runs are coming. Some sportsbooks will even have a stats hub within the betting market itself, something bettors should use whenever possible.

Make a Live Bet on Sports in Arizona

You're now ready to make a live bet. While it's certainly like single bets made before the start of a game, there are some real differences. You'll need to have quick fingers to place a bet before odds change, whether that's on a live bet app or a desktop website. Find the live sportsbook Arizona offers and one that works best for you. Get a feel for what live betting looks like at that operator and start making cash on in-game betting.

Live Betting in Arizona FAQ


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