PointsBet Sportsbook Arizona: Not Live Yet As Of July 2024

PointsBet is not yet live in Arizona and no launch date has been announced as the sportsbook has not yet received a sports betting license. Soon, they'll merge with the Fanatics Arizona Sportsbook with a launch date still TBD. Until then, you can check out additional Arizona sportsbooks that you can start betting with right now. 

PointsBet Arizona Review of the Pros and Cons

✔️  Trustworthy and growing brand❌  Withdrawal options limited
✔️  Exclusive features❌  Customer service options limited
✔️  Simplistic usability❌  Some promotion prices are steep for smaller bankrolls
✔️  "Info" icon explaining any bet

PointsBet Arizona: A Betting Site Rich in Features & Promos

In this PointsBet Arizona review of the brand's sportsbook, we found an innovative operator that has thought of nearly everything a customer would want, including incredible promotions and exclusive features not offered by rival sportsbooks.

PointsBet thinks outside the box on many facets of its sportsbook, benefitting its users on several fronts. Read this PointsBet Arizona review to see what the brand has to offer. Gauging on a five-star format, the PointsBet sportsbook rating checks in close to perfect at every turn.

PointsBet Arizona Promo Code

This operator is sure to attract your attention with its lucrative promos. Risk-free bets are often offered by the operator and a great way to try the site out, learn how to bet on sports and have a great time. Given the time of the year, you might use an PointsBet Arizona promo to bet on NFL games in Arizona. The choice is yours.

Additional Offers at PointsBet

Beyond the new-customer promotion, additional offers and promotions may be available. These can change by the week, even day, depending on the sports in season and the major events taking place. That said, PointsBet has continual promotions for risk-free bets on a variety of sports, odds boosts and insurance on parlays, all included in a long list of additional promotions. The operator is particularly noted for its PointsBet Boosters which bump the odds up on certain bets meaning if you win, you win more. Check the "Promotions" tab, accessible from the menu on desktop and mobile app, to browse all PointsBet has to offer. To make the best of these offers, take a moment to understand how to read Arizona sports odds. This will ensure you make smart decisions on all your bets!

Get to Know PointsBet Sportsbook

PointsBet launched in the United States in January 2019, after the U.S. Supreme Court repealed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, allowing legalized sports betting nationwide, in May 2018. PointsBet is an Australian-based company founded in 2017; it joined the U.S. sports betting frenzy in New Jersey first. It has since expanded its brand to encompass six states with more on the way. Unlike other online sportsbooks that operate multiple gaming platforms, PointsBet focuses all its energy on its sportsbook, which has generated unique offers and markets for its customers.

What Types of Wagers Does PointsBet Offer?

The PointsBet sportsbook for desktops and the PointsBet AZ app both provide an abundance of sports markets and wager types.

This Arizona sportsbook will have a variety of centralized offerings on local teams in the four major sports leagues like the Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Suns and Coyotes, along with every other team across U.S. sports markets and international leagues. To view all that PointsBet Arizona sportsbook offers on leagues and specific games, click on your desired market or bet type.

PointsBet also provides a clickable "info" icon to explain every bet type.

Types of bets include:

  • Main wagers - spread, total, moneyline
  • Double results - game-winner/game total, game line/game total
  • First team or player to score
  • First scorer/team winner
  • Winning margin/game total
  • Wire to wire: Will one team lead the entire game
  • Half time/full-time winner
  • Win margins
  • Team totals
  • Both teams to score over/under a certain number of points
  • Race to points
  • Alternate spreads and totals
  • Player and game props
  • Quarters and halves wagers
  • Name a bet

PointsBet also exclusively offers "PointsBetting" and, as they state, "The more you’re right, the more you win." This concept is based upon how right or wrong you are on a bet. The more points covered by the team you bet upon, the more you'll profit. Conversely, the less they score or don't cover by, the more you'll lose.

For example: If the Phoenix Suns vs. Denver Nuggets game total is set at 223 points and you take the "Over," you'll win more money for every point the total goes over 223. The same is true if you took the "Under" and the game total finishes under 223 points. Should your bet lose, you'll lose money in the same increments. This system is highly profitable and equally risky, which is why PointsBet allows customers to set a cap on losses before submitting a PointsBetting wager.

Popular Sports Betting Options

The PointsBet sportsbook has extensive and unique types of wagers, including these popular sports betting options for both casual and experienced customers:

  • Straight bet: A bet to win outright or cover a spread or on totals (otherwise known as over/under).
  • Point-spread bet: A wager on a team to either win by more than a set number or points or to lose by less than a set number of points.
  • Total bet: A wager on the combined amount of points scored in a contest (picking either over a number set by the sportsbook or under).
  • Moneyline bet: A bet on one team or or plater to win a contest outright. Final score or margin does not matter.
  • Parlay bet: A group of bets tied together in one wager, reducing the risk and increasing the potential profits. The more bets in a parlay the higher the payout, however one wrong pick and the parlay is a bust.
  • Futures bet: A long-term wager such as the next Super Bowl winner, World Series winner, NBA champion, etc.; can also be a totals bet, such as win totals, or a player wager, such as regular-season MVP.
  • Prop bet: A bet within a game that isn't tied to the outcome, like total receptions for a wide receiver or if the first pitch of an MLB game will be a strike.

PointsBet Arizona bettors will have a smorgasbord of betting to choose from. To kick off the operator in the state, no pun intended, Arizona football betting promotions and wagers will keep bettors on the edge of their seats. This will be followed by exciting MLB playoff betting in AZ. Shortly after these big events, will be the return of the NBA and NHL regular seasons. In short, you can expect new and exciting PointsBet Arizona promotions on a regular basis.

Sports Markets Offered By PointsBet

The PointsBet sportsbook offers a large selection of U.S. and international sports markets:


  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • MMA
  • Motor racing
  • Soccer
  • Tennis


  • Aussie Rules
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • E-sports
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Table tennis
  • Volleyball

Features of PointsBet AZ Sportsbook

Bettors using the Arizona sportsbook app or online platform will have access to the following features from their accounts:

Live Betting

There is nothing like betting on a live NBA game. You will be pleased to know PointsBet offers live betting on virtually every one of its available markets, using computer algorithms to produce live lines after games begin. These are found within the "Live" option on the desktop and mobile app homepage. Live betting includes moneylines, point spreads, totals, props and parlays.

Cash Out Option

This option allows customers to end a bet they've placed before the wager settles. Early cash out provides flexibility and is available on almost all kinds of wagers. When you choose to cash out, winnings (or losses) are collected/settled before the outcome is settled. The winnings or losses are based on what's happening in the game and will reflect a percentage of your original wager amount. Not every wager is eligible for cash out. Usually, odds boosts and certain promotional offers are ineligible. Once you hit the "Cash Out" button, you will be notified if the bet is eligible. Customers can't cancel a bet that has been placed, so the cash-out option serves as palatable alternative. Some bets are eligible for cash out immediately after placement.

Odds Boost

Odds boosts provide enhanced odds for customers to earn more money on their bets. PointsBetArizona will offer daily odds boots across multiple markets and displays the original odds next to the boosted price, which provides transparency on the value you're receiving. PointsBet odds boosts are listed as “Booster Odds,” accessible from the homepage menu. PointsBet tailors odds boosts to its specific state of operation, so customers in Arizona can expect to see boosted odds on popular bets such as the Suns' Devin Booker to score over or under a certain number of points or Cardinals receiver DeAndre Hopkins to record over or under a set number of yards receiving, etc.

Single Game Parlay

Single-game parlays, where multiple wagers from one game can be parlayed together, are growing in popularity. PointsBet Arizona customers can build a parlay from the "Single Game Parlay" tab within a betting market once they select "more wagers" on a specific game. PointsBet currently only offers single-game parlays on the NBA and MLB, whereas the NHL market might not offer it. Don't be discouraged if the market isn't available, a broad range of NHL betting opportunities in AZ will be available! PointsBet will have single-game NFL parlays when the season launches in Septermber. Not every combo from a game is available for this feature, but PointsBet sportsbook will list acceptable combos with a red "SGP" label. Customers also can select "Quick Parlay" from the homepage menu for pre-made parlay selections.


Exclusive to PointsBet in the U.S. market, this feature allows customers to win more money on their wagers depending upon how much the wager wins by. For instance, if the Arizona Cardinals are favored by three points and they cover the spread, you'll win more money based off how much they cover the spread. Conversely, if they don't cover, you'll be docked for each point by which they don't cover. Since this can be a risky proposition, customers can set a limit on losses before submitting a "PointsBetting" wager, but your winnings also will be capped at the same rate.

Sign Up for a PointsBet Account

Signing up for a PointsBet online sportsbook account in Arizona will be a simple three-step registration process - assuming the operator goes live. Here's how:

  1. Enter contact and personal information
  2. Select deposit method and insert promo code
  3. Start betting

Once your PointsBet Arizona account is created, you can enable two-factor authentication from the "My Account" tab to further protect your account. When this is enabled, PointsBet will text a six-digit code to the phone number you entered during registration to then enter online and access your account on desktop and mobile app. Customers also can enable Face ID on mobile app or save email and password to autofill during login. Look for a PointsBet AZ deposit code as well.

    Banking With PointsBet Arizona

    Deposit methods can differ slightly by state. However, PointsBet offers numerous common, popular and secure deposit options to customers for ease and convenience. Withdrawal methods are somewhat limited. PointsBet online sportsbook also has Responsible Gaming elements in place to set deposit limits weekly and monthly. Amounts following each option note daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits.

    Making a Deposit

    From your PointsBet Arizona account menu, shown as your email address, select "Deposit" and choose from one of the following methods:

    • Credit/debit card: You can use a Mastercard or Visa to instantly fund a PointsBet account. You must enter your card info, plus the CVV code on the back.
    • Online banking: Log into your bank account with your online banking information.
    • PayNearMe: Enter the amount you want to deposit as well as your email or phone number to generate a printable payslip (or virtual payslip for your phone). Take it to a CVS, 7-Eleven, or Family Dollar or other participating location, along with the cash you wish to deposit. It will be processed and credited to your sportsbook account in minutes.
    • ACH/e-check: Large withdrawals and instant deposits, and checking, money market accounts or savings accounts are acceptable. You will be required to provide your account and routing numbers and you have to enroll your banking account information before using this deposit method.
    • PayPal: Poular e-wallet allows instant and secure deposits into our PointsBet account. These transaction work like the ACH process. in that your PayPal account must be linked to a bank account before making a deposit into PointsBet sportsbook. You can only link one PayPal account to any wagering account.

    PointsBet also has its own branded Mastercard for a preferred deposit method. PointsBet customers can use their own bank card to transfer cash to a PointsBet Mastercard, which is then immediately be available for betting. You can also withdraw winnings anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

    Cashing Out Your Winnings

    To conveniently withdraw funds from PointsBet, select "withdraw" from the homepage menu. From there, customers can enter the amount they wish to extract and choose from the following options to execute the withdrawal:

    • ACH/e-check
    • Online banking
    • PayPal

    If applicable, select the same method used for deposit to withdrawal for the most streamlined of results. Withdrawing funds from PointsBet can take 3-5 business days once you've submitted your withdrawal and it has been processed.

    Ongoing Contests and Tournaments

    PointsBet offers sports-specific contests around big leagues and events. For the 2020 pro and college football seasons, PointsBet offered a nationwide game that was free to play called the PointsBet Pick 6. Through this contest, participants pick the winners of six games and the margin of victory on those picks for a shot at a top prize of $25,000, if all selections and margins of victory were correct. This prediction game was available for new and existing PointsBet customers and is likely to be offered again in some form for the 2021 season.

    PointsBet has well over a year of U.S. market operation under its belt, so customers in Arizona can expect more contests and tournaments as major sports leagues and big events progress.

    In addition to upcoming contests and tournaments, PointsBet has an extensive list of ongoing lucrative promotions for customers.

    PointsBet Rewards/Loyalty Program

    PointsBet awards Rewards Points that are earned through making bets. The number of points you receive is based on the type of bet and the stake amount. Here is a breakdown of how customers can earn rewards points through PointsBet:

    • $5 fixed odds Bet = One rewards point
    • $1 parlay bet = One rewards point
    • PointsBetting earns one Rewards Point for every dollar won or lost. For example, a PointsBetting bet returning a win of $100 = 100 rewards points. A loss of $100 = 100 rewards points.

    Customers can view the Rewards Points they've accrued from the display on the homepage under their bankroll amount or by expanding the menu from the homepage and selecting the "Rewards" tab. One rewards point is equal to 1 cent and customers must have a minimum of 250 points to redeem them for free bets.

    User Experience on Web Platform

    PointsBet AZ will provide you a clean and crisp desktop interface that engages customers, which enhances the experience. The sportsbook's "dark mode" color scheme, where the background is black and the text is white, is a professional touch; it might look different for some customers but it's not a detrimental presentation decision. PointsBet is organized and fittingly centralizes prominent aspects into the screen dimensions, which cuts out excessive scrolling and searching.

    All major sports leagues are accessible through clickable icons in addition to a stacked format within the menu tab on the top left of the screen. It includes other tabs such as an A-Z Sports guide, promotions, live betting, games that are "next up" and a quick parlay creator. The interface is so organized that bettors who are in a hurry to get to online NFL betting in AZ will have no problem with navigating to the right spot.

    The bet slip populates quickly and is easy to navigate between the bet slip and "My Bets." It also moves with you up and down the page when you scroll, which provides visible convenience when you add bets to the slip.

    PointsBet Sportsbook App Arizona

    The PointsBet sportsbook app is quite like the desktop, which helps with familiarity when customers navigate among the two platforms. It will be available in Arizona for iOS and Android devices. Once the PointsBet app loads (this happens quickly) customers are presented with a continual scrolling list across the top of the screen showcasing PointsBet AZ offers and promotions. This list also has a button entitled "See All Promos" so you don't have to scroll through the homepage slideshow. Below this homepage feature are tabs for featured, live and next-up games. Customers also can access specific leagues further down the screen to select markets and see its listings. Along the bottom are nestled tabs for the PointsBet menu, sports, live games, quick parlays and the "my bets" slip.

    To download the PointsBet AZ app on iOS when it is available, visit the App Store and search "PointsBet." To install the PointsBet AZ app on your Android phone, navigate to the bottom of the PointsBet website using your mobile browser and click the "Download for Android" button at the bottom right of the page. The download will begin automatically. From there, follow the prompts from there to install on your mobile device. You will be able to access the same sports wagers from the app, making your bets on Arizona NBA games possible in the palm of your hand.

    Security and Safety Offered By PointsBet

    PointsBet AZ sportsbook is a safe operator on its desktop and mobile app platforms. The sportsbook is licensed and regulated in every state in which it operates, which provides security for personal and financial information as well as providing customers professional assistance should any problems arise.

    PointsBet has established a proven and consistent track record of security by using SSL encryption software to protect sensitive information between the customer and operator. The security level of PointsBet rivals that of top financial institutions. Customers also can help protect their accounts by creating intricate passwords and keeping account information private.

    Bet Responsibly at PointsBet Arizona

    The PointsBet Responsible Gaming information is located toward the bottom of the “Menu” tab on the mobile app and at the bottom of the homepage on the desktop. Here, customers will find an abundance of resources to ensure responsible gambling on PointsBet Arizona.

    PointsBet provides contact information for help and assistance via email at [email protected] and via live chat. Customers can set deposit limits for their accounts too.

    PointsBet Customer Support

    PointsBet customer supports is somewhat limited. Those seeking support have a live-chat option or to issue their inquiry via email at [email protected]

    Try PointsBet Arizona Sportsbook for Yourself - When They Go Live

    PointsBet is one operator that excels in all areas. In our review of PointsBet, we found the overall platform to be user-friendly, intuitive and easy on the eyes. It functions well on a desktop, as well as an Android or iOS device. The loading time was pleasing and something that will benefit anyone who wants to bet on live games.

    PointsBet Arizona promos and offers are abundant. You won't find just new customer bonuses or one or two extra offers at this sportsbook. Rather, you will get access to 4-6 or more promotions at any given time. Best of all, they are practical for bettors and all risk free bets have no playthrough requirements! The rewards program is advantageous and the features will keep you engaged throughout your betting journey.

    PointsBet Arizona Sportsbook FAQ


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