Politics Betting in Arizona: Can You Legally Bet on Politics?

With the rise of Arizona sports betting, many residents wonder if you can bet on political odds in Arizona, too.

Is it Legal to Bet on Arizona Politics?

No, it's not legal to bet on Arizona politics. Federal law has prohibited any political wagers from taking place which means you won't find any AZ sportsbook promotions revolved around the general election this November.

You may see political betting odds for Arizona elections such as if they're a swing state or not but those are all hypothetical unless you're located outside the United States.

Upcoming Arizona Election Dates

Many eyes are on the general presidential election coming up in November but Arizona residents' next voting day is July 30 for primaries. There are nine (9) congressional districts located in Arizona.

Primary Election DayJuly 30, 2024
General Election DayNovember 5, 2024

AZ Politics Betting FAQs


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