Despite Bad Record, Diamondbacks Offer Betting Opportunities

Despite Bad Record, Diamondbacks Offer Betting Opportunities

The Arizona Diamondbacks have had very little go their way this season.

Since starting with a 15-13 record, Torey Lovullo’s group has lost an extraordinary 34 of their past 39 games. They’re the worst team in baseball by a long shot — at 20-47, they’re three games worse than the Orioles and four games worse than the Pirates.

Playing in the National League West, the most top-heavy division in baseball, hasn’t made matters easier as Arizona heads toward its fifth straight season without making the postseason.

Silver Lining For Bettors

But there’s good news, at least for those betting MLB in Arizona and wanting to wager on the Diamondbacks.

Despite having the league’s worst record, Arizona’s runline record is a respectable 32-35. Much of that value came early in the season during the surprising start — in those first 28 games, the Diamondbacks had a runline record of 19-9 despite being favorites in six of those games.

Still, with the Diamondbacks going 5-34 since May 4, their 13-26 runline record isn’t terrible. Consider that at 32-35 overall, their runline record is pacing along with teams like the Dodgers (32-34), Mets (28-30), and Phillies (31-33). That includes a 17-13 mark at home, which incredibly is the fifth-best mark in baseball.

Since June 1, they’ve lost three one-run games. While they aren’t going to be a great bet the rest of the way, they’re a better bet than their woeful record indicates.

Bet Run Totals

All’s not lost for Diamondbacks bettors, either, when considering run totals. The Arizona pitching staff ranks in the bottom seven of baseball in ERA, WHIP, and batting average against.

Their offense has been middle of the pack (16th in runs, third in OPS), resulting in Arizona games going 35-31-1 hitting the over. That over percentage of 53% is 10th highest in baseball, and they’re just one of 11 teams with an over percentage better than 52%.

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Even while playing half their games in a pitcher’s ballpark, the Diamondbacks are trending toward a team that plays in high-scoring games because of a pitching staff that lacks star power and an offense that, while inconsistent, can heat up at the right time.

What’s more, the current trend of overs is really coming to the forefront of Diamondbacks games: 10 of their past 15 games have hit the over.

Watch The Trends

In what has become a challenging season for the Diamondbacks — they fired hitting coach Darnell Coales and assistant hitting coach Eric Hinske last week — there are still some betting trends worth keeping in mind as the season moves along.

Overs are hitting and, if you believe there’s even a small potential for a turnaround following the current slump, there might even be some runline value in certain spots against the right opponent.



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