How to Make a Round Robin Bet in Arizona

By Mark Strotman

A straight bet is easy to understand. You wager on one side of a point spread, total, moneyline, or prop bet and it's either correct or incorrect. A parlay bet is equally easy to understand: Combine all of your single bets into one and win (or push) them all to win. Just one loss and the parlay loses altogether, regardless of how many of the legs were victorious. A parlay is, essentially, a collection of straight bets rolled into one.

What's not so simple for bettors to understand or grasp is the concept of round-robin bets. The basic definition is easy to explain, but a handful of different variations could trip up even experienced bettors when placing their round robin bets in Arizona.

But fear not! We've got you covered with several different definitions, explanations, and examples to clear up any confusion when it comes to your round robin options, how they differ from parlay bets, the best way to approach placing them on your bet slip, and the potential benefit to bettors for placing these types of bets over standard straight bets or parlays. Our Arizona round-robin betting guide starts now. Be sure to this site as a resource for everything tied to Arizona online sports betting.

Best Round Robin Betting Sites in Arizona

What Is A Round Robin Bet?

A round robin tournament in sports is a set of games in which a group of teams plays each other one time. A round robin bet follows a similar format. In short, it is a group of multiple parlay bets taken from a larger list of bets. The most common round robin bets include groupings of two-team parlays, but three-team, four-team, or five-team parlays within the list of bets you're placing. Whereas a single parlay bet gives bettors just one chance to win if all legs are successful, a round robin bet gives bettors multiple chances to win. Potential payouts are higher, but so are the risks.

How Are Round Robin Bets Used in Betting?

There's nothing worse than researching the board, putting together a three-team parlay, calculating how much you should wager on it, and having the first leg lose before the other two games even begin. We've all been there. That's where Arizona round robin bets come into play.

Instead of simply betting a single two-game parlay or rolling the dice on every leg of your parlay hitting, round robin bets allow for you to create many different mini parlay combinations that don't require every leg to be successful to win. It requires a larger initial bet but the potential payout is higher. The round robin format lets bettors hedge against losing one matchup and having the entire bet slip be a loss and also creates more variety and intrigue to the betting experience.

How To Construct A Round Robin Bet in Arizona

All major Arizona betting apps easily allow bettors to place round robin bets, so logging on and filling your bet slip with games you want to include in your round robin parlay is simple. Let's go over how to place multiple bets to turn them into a round robin bet.

Round Robin Betting Strategies

The concept of round robin betting is simple but it can be difficult to track what needs to happen for each, certain, or all legs to payout. We'll organize it for you here, but also know that operators do an excellent job of breaking down each part of the round robin, so there's no confusion on what bettors are actually placing wagers.

Each Way

An each-way bet is a type of round-robin bet that consists of a bet to win and a bet to place. It's most often used in horse racing, where bettors who choose an each-way round-robin have a bet on a horse to win and to place.

Number Of Ways

The number of ways round robin is the most typical form that most bettors use. It follows that the bets chosen will be dispersed into different-sized events. For example, a two-event round robin that includes the Diamondbacks, Cubs, and Brewers would be broken into three mini-parlays: Diamondbacks-Cubs, Diamondbacks-Brewers, Cubs-Brewers. As the name suggests, there are several ways to win based on the event size.

Calculating Payouts On Round Robins

Round robin betting in Arizona can be confusing when it comes to payouts. Major operators will calculate odds and payouts as you're creating your round robin. Much of it depends on the bets you've chosen and what those individual odds are. If your site hasn't calculated the potential payouts for the round robin as you're creating it, you can always find a round robin calculator to aid in the process.

Pros and Cons of Round Robins


The most obvious pro of round robin betting is less risk involved than a traditional parlay. Going "undefeated" in betting is tough unless you've got overwhelmingly short odds, which is why oddsmakers give such lucrative betting odds for parlays. What's more realistic, and why many bettors choose to use round robin betting, is winning a majority of your bets in a given night. That's why spreading out your bets while also improving your odds by creating those mini-parlays in the form of round robins can be a great idea. It requires more upfront cost but can also help bettors quickly use up bonus requirements than if they were betting single bets or parlays.


Single bets and parlays are simple to understand. That's not always the case with round robins. Though operators generally do a good job of mapping out what the cost will be and what potential payouts are, it can still be confusing. Also, on the chance that each leg of your round robin is a winner, the payout is less than it would have been if you had parlayed those events as one. It's less risk and less potential payout, so bettors will need to determine what's best for them.

Popular Sports For Round Robin Parlays in Arizona


There's nothing in sports quite like betting on the NFL in the fall. No other professional league has as many eyes on its regular-season games on one specific day as the NFL does. With a number of games at noon, a handful of others with late-afternoon kickoffs, and primetime games on Sunday, Monday and Thursday night, NFL games are the perfect event to place a round robin parlay. Even if your round robin includes a nationally televised game between the Cardinals and 49ers on Sunday or Monday night, being part of the action on Sunday afternoon with multiple games in your round robin taking place at once creates some of the best betting action there is to offer.


The NBA's rise in global popularity, its consistent nationally-televised games, and prominence on social media make it the perfect round robin betting format. There is always something to analyze within NBA bets, whether it's star players resting or where a certain team is within their schedule. Over-under bets continue to gain popularity, too, as offense explodes across the league. With so many games going each night, along with nationally-televised games throughout the week, Arizona round robin parlays are a great idea in the NBA.


No other sport relies on one single player like the MLB which makes round robin wagers particularly interesting. Starting pitchers usually tip the scales as far as odds go, which oftentimes means there's value for bettors who can correctly analyze which starters match up well against opposing lineups. It also helps that there are games every day from April to October, so bettors can place a round robin bet on Major League Baseball in Arizona, and watch it play out in a single night, and usually within a few hours.


The continued offensive surge in the NHL, along with the always-pesky empty-net goals at the end of games, means so much intrigue for round robins as far as bettors are concerned. The 82-game schedule means chances every night to place and make money on a round robin bet. Whether it's moneyline bets, spread bets, or totals that make up your round robin bet, end-of-game action means plenty of suspense and entertainment. It's tough to beat those final few seconds of an NHL bet, especially when it's part of a round robin.

Differences Between Round Robin Betting and Parlay Betting

There are certainly similarities between round robin betting and parlay betting, but you should know the difference before placing a bet on either. A parlay is a group (more than one) of single bets combined to make one bet with longer odds for a potentially higher payout. All legs of a parlay must be successful (or push) for it to payout. That's where the differences between a parlay bet and a round-robin wager come into play. A round robin bet is also a group of single bets, but they are broken out into a certain number of three or more mini-parlays that only require those certain combinations to be successful.

Round Robin Wager Nicknames


A Trixie bet is a three-team parlay that involves four different bets that guarantees a profit even if one of the bets is unsuccessful. Bettors create three double round robin bets (1 and 2, 1 and 3, 2 and 3) and then also a treble (1, 2, and 3).

A patent bet follows the same format but with seven different bets that include three singles, three doubles, and a treble. It's easier to earn a payout (only one leg needs to be successful) but requires significant investment upfront.


Yankee bets are most commonly used in horse betting. It's a four-selection wager that includes 11 different bets: six doubles, four trebles, and a four-part accumulator. It's a significant investment that requires at least two of the selections to be successful to earn a payout.

Lucky 15

A Lucky 15 bet, as its name suggests, involves 15 different bets across four selections. It includes four single bets, six doubles, four trebles, and an accumulator bet. Bettors must cover the stakes for 15 different bets, meaning the original bet is a significant one, but the potential payout is massive.


A Canadian round-robin wager features five selections spread out across 26 different bets. Including in those 26 bets are 10 double bets, 10 treble bets, five four-fold accumulators and one five-fold accumulator. It's a step up from the Yankee round robin bet.


A Heinz round robin bet features 57 different bets made up of six selections. Those different bets include 15 double bets, 20 treble bets, 15 four-fold accumulators, six five-fold accumulators, and one six-fold accumulator. As is the case with all these massive round robins, it requires significant funds upfront but can, of course, result in a massive payout.

Full Cover

A full cover round robin bet covers every possible combination of mini-parlays. A four-team round-robin would create four different events: three doubles and a treble to account for all combinations. It's a round robin betting strategy that gives bettors the chance to parlay their bets while also breaking them out into smaller events that back against one of the legs losing.

Get Started Betting Round Robins in Arizona

Round robin betting needs more upfront cost but can be a nice way to hedge against the requirements of a regular parlay while also adding excitement to the different combinations that can earn victories and payouts. It's the case with any kind of bet, but because of the initial dollars needed to bet round robins upfront, they really should be used by experienced bettors of those who really know the markets they're placing bets on. While round-robin bets are often seen in horse betting, Arizona round robin bets on sports are worth your attention. There are some limitations, just like with parlays, but those books will let you know what you're able to put into a round-robin and what you can't.

Arizona Round Robin Bets FAQ


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