Phoenix Odds Boosts: Boosted Odds At Arizona Sportsbooks

By Mark Strotman

Arizona betting apps are increasingly offering a higher potential payout that  lowers the house edge. It's called an odds boost – entirely free for bettors. Best Phoenix odds boosts, Scottsdale odds boosts and State Farm Stadium odds boosts: 
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We'll go over what an odds boost looks like in different sports, what a boost looks like at different operators, and how bettors can take advantage of all they have to offer.

Arizona Sportsbooks with Odds Boosts

Arizona betting sites with boosted odds will be available in a variety of ways. Some offer them as a first deposit bet for new users who have made an account; some deploy them for an important game in a particular market such as the upcoming Arizona Super Bowl or March Madness. Others simply offer them randomly for a limited time on a daily basis.

BetMGM Odds Boosts: Best For New Bettors

BetMGM makes it simple for its customers to find and use odds boosts. We like the variety of betting markets it allows odds boosts in and, like FanDuel, often provide them in parlay form which increases the odds and, thus, potential profit.

Caesars Odds Boosts: Most Competitive Odds Boosts

Where Caesars may not provide the number of odds boosts that its competitors do, the amount of boost that it provides customers is solid. They routinely offer boosts of up to 50%, which is some of the best in the industry.

DraftKings Odds Boosts: Highest Number Of Odds Boosts

It doesn't get better with odds boosts than with DraftKings. The sportsbook routinely offers boosts on a number of markets with competitive odds and, perhaps just as important, makes it easy for the bettor to understand what's available to them and how to opt in.

FanDuel Odds Boosts: Best For Combining Odds Boosts

What we like most about FanDuel's odds boosts is that they usually include combinations of wagers compiled into one to create a sort of parlay. We also like how much FanDuel boosts their odds. The potential winnings are great that increases the potential cash for players to win.

PointsBet Odds Boosts: Best Local Odds Boosts

If you're a fan of the local team of the state you're located in, PointsBet AZ is for you. Its odds boosts revolve around - but aren't limited to - local teams. That flair is different than any of the other betting apps on this list.

What are Sports Betting Odds Boosts?

Every bet that a player can make at Arizona sports betting sites has a set of odds attached to it. Most odds that bettors will place bets on are referred to as fixed. A bet like point spreads or game totals bets have odds between -115 and -105, while moneylines and prop and team bets have odds between -1000 and +2000 (and sometimes more extreme on either side).

An odds boost is when legal sports gambling operators improve the original odds of a certain market. For example, they might improve the odds of the Arizona Cardinals covering the spread of their game against the Seattle Seahawks from -115 to +150. There's no fine print or catches when placing a bet that includes an odds boost. All most bettors must do is opt into the odds boost, and there's often a maximum amount that a bettor can place on a specific bet. But other than that, every boost is straightforward, a benefit to bettors and adds great value at no additional cost.

How Do Arizona Odds Boosts Work?

Online sports gambling operators want customers to enjoy their experience. They want their customers to feel the rush of a win to keep them coming back. So, even though it decreases the house edge when players claim them, they are happy to present odds boost promotions. Because just about every sportsbook offers these boosts, it's also a matter of keeping up with the competition.

The legalization of online sports gambling means players have myriad of operators options to choose from, so shopping around for the best Arizona sports odds boosts is one way players choose which betting app is best for them. A short-term house edge or vig loss can mean long-term benefits for players who win using those boosted odds and a long-term win for Arizona sportsbooks who keep customers coming back.

Types of Odds Boosts

An odds boost can pop up in any market. Some sites offer boosts for local teams while others offer them for nationally-televised games. There are also plenty of different types of odds boosts: They can range from a team to win or cover to an individual player to score a touchdown or a specific player to score the first field goal in an NBA game.

Online operators will be strategic about what games and events they provide odds boosts for, but we'll continue to stress that they increase the potential profit for bettors with no real strings attached. Here are the main sports that bettors will find boosted odds on and what examples of each look like.

Arizona NFL Odds Boost

It's no surprise that boosts are available for North America's most popular betting market. Whether it's a sportsbook boosting the odds on an Arizona Cardinals win or on Kyler Murray to throw for 300 yards, odds boosts should be available most Sundays in the fall and winter.

Given the popularity of NFL betting in Arizona, it's not uncommon to see multiple bets turned into an Arizona parlay that also gets boosted. Look for these specifically during significant events like the Super Bowl. Wagers on boosted odds in the NFL usually have a maximum bet amount attached to them, but it's often a good idea to take advantage of them when they come around.

Arizona NBA Odds Boost

NBA betting continues to gain popularity around the globe, and perhaps nowhere more than in Phoenix. The Suns look to have present staying power in the Western Conference, and that means an opportunity for nationally-televised contests and postseason appearances where boosts on Phoenix Suns odds would most often show up. Because the NBA is such a player-driven league, player prop boosts are common bonuses.

Often these props will include player points, but they could also offer bonuses for statistics specific to players such as Chris Paul assists or Rudy Gobert blocks. Multiple wagers turned into parlays can also get boosted such as the Suns to win AND Chris Paul to record 10 assists boosted from +200 to +300.

Arizona MLB Odds Boost

Because betting on Major League Baseball in Arizona is the most difficult sport to bet on a day-to-day basis (good teams lose and bad teams win over the course of a 162-game season), taking advantage of odds boosts is always a good play. Bettors are likely to see an odds boost appear on significant games like Sunday Night Baseball or the MLB Postseason. For example, if a certain player has a long hit streak going, a sportsbook will sometimes boost that player's odds to reach base, get a hit or, hit a home run in his next game. It's always in a bettor's favor to claim boosts, but even more so in Major League Baseball, where daily betting can be difficult.

Arizona NHL Odds Boost

There's nothing in sports quite like the Stanley Cup Playoffs and with it comes plenty of opportunities for odds boosts and NHL bets in Arizona. Like other sports, a typical odds boost will include improving odds paid out for a team winning a game outright. Specific player prop boosts also exist such as a certain player to record a goal, a goalie to log a certain amount of saves or a combination of wagers that form a parlay and receive boosted odds.

Other Arizona Odds Boost

While the Big Four sports see the highest number of available odds boosts, they're also available for other sports. A good example is in golf, where they will offer odds boost promotions for a golfer to win a tournament. Worldwide events like the Olympics and World Cup will also feature odds boosts, and there's usually a specific reason for the boost such as a local star participating or a nationally-televised game or event.

If it has a particular market, you can bet that the operator will find a way to offer boosted wagering opportunities. The good news is that each betting site wants to show off the odds on their site, so customers tend to find these odds easily.

AZ Odds Boosts and Prop Bets

While most odds boosts are attached to single bets such as point spreads, totals and Arizona moneyline bets at our recommended sites will sometimes use prop bets such as individual player points, passing yards or goals in their boosted odds. It's not uncommon for a sportsbook to combine one of these prop bets with another single bet and then parlay the two into a new boosted odds bet.

Get Arizona Sports Betting Odds Boosts and Other Betting Promotions

Odds boosts are terrific for bettors. If you've got the funds to play them, boosts are a guarantee of improved odds and higher potential profit. Every sportsbook we've mentioned wants its customers to use these boosts, so they're often front and center on a site or mobile app.

You'll always know what’s available to you, and you should take advantage of them whenever possible. This article touched on what goes into an odds boost and what Arizona sports betting promos players can use when signing up to then take advantage of them, but the best way to experience them is to bet them and win them yourself. Find the best Arizona sportsbooks with odds boosts, now.

Arizona Sportsbooks with Odds Boosts FAQ


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