Most Expensive Coffee in the United States Ranked

There’s no denying how big the coffee industry is, with most of us enjoying a daily cup on the go. But where does Arizona rank when it comes to the cost of a typical takeaway coffee?  Comparing the cost of coffee across the United States, we’ve ranked the states and cities that sell the most expensive cup of joe! Read on to see where your state ranks, and don't forget that this site is also your home to everything Arizona sports betting.

Which States Sell the Most Expensive Coffee?

Taking a look at the average cost of coffee in each state, we can reveal that Arizonans are paying over the odds for their daily cup of joe! In fact, with an average coffee costing $2.88 in Arizona, locals spend more here than in New York ($2.87), Massachusetts ($2.82), and Texas ($2.58) – and 15% more than the US average ($2.51). And it’s the same for a cappuccino, too, with Arizona ranking third among the states, with the standard cup costing $5.45. 

Ranking ahead of Arizona, though, at a staggering $3.76 per coffee (and $5.96 for a cappuccino), we have the Aloha State of Hawaii – perhaps thanks to the high market value of the archipelago’s local blend ‘Kona’. Closely behind, Californians spend an average of $3.35 per takeout coffee – though, the Golden State ranks 12th when it comes to cappuccinos - followed by residents of Washington state ($3.09), which is the third and final state with an average coffee cost above three dollars. 

Next up, Alaska has the fourth-most expensive coffee shops and cafes, with locals spending, on average, $2.91 each per visit. Meanwhile, trailing Arizona, New York, and Massachusetts, we have the New England state of Connecticut ($2.81), ahead of Nevada ($2.78) – which incidentally has the second-most expensive cappuccinos ($5.56) - New Jersey ($2.77), and Rhode Island ($2.73). 

Oregon's next up, followed by Vermont, Pennsylvania, and Utah, while Maryland, Colorado, Texas, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Virginia each also have higher-than-average coffee costs. 

Which States Sell the Cheapest Coffee?

At the other end of the table, Alabama is officially the state with the cheapest coffee, with a cup costing just $1.88 on average!  Across the border, coffee’s pretty cheap in Mississippi, too, priced at $1.99, while Arkansas cafes charge an average of $2. And when it comes to cappuccinos, it’s residents of Indiana ($4.09), Wisconsin ($4.60), and Pennsylvania ($4.62) who spend the least – though, not as little as Canadians ($3.52). 

Tucson Ranks Among Most Expensive Cities for Cappuccinos

We’ve looked at the states that are paying over the odds for coffee, but what about the cities with the most-overpriced cappuccinos?

Taking top spot, residents of Seattle are unfortunately forced to fork out an average of $6.21 for every cup of luxury coffee. In fact, the Emerald City is the only location where a $6 coffee is the norm, with Hawaii’s Honolulu offering the next-most expensive cup at $5.96.

In third, it costs $5.66 to buy a coffee in Reno, Nevada, while the average cappuccino in Arizona’s Tucson costs $5.63 – just 10% less than Seattle. So while it's a little steep, it's not much of a stretch to enjoy a cappuccino while perusing Arizona betting apps on a Saturday morning.

Meanwhile, San Antonio and Minneapolis tie for the sixth-most expensive cappuccino coffees – both averaging out at $5.60 - ahead of San Jose ($5.49), Portland ($5.49), Raleigh ($5.47), and Las Vegas ($5.45). Curiously, New York City ($5.44) doesn’t even rank among the top ten cities by the average cost of a cappuccino!


Data was gathered from, by extracting and analyzing menus from over 5,000 US coffee shops across all states. The results are the average cost of coffee (including multiple sizes) but exclude alcoholic coffee beverages. Further data on cappuccino prices were also collected from Numbeo.

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