Best Arizona Free Bet Sportsbook Offers - Claim Yours Now!

By Joss Wood

Free money – you know you would like some, but is anything really free? In the new world of Arizona sportsbooks the answer is yes, free money really is free but there are strings attached.

The new operators will spend a fortune in marketing to secure their target market share. They are happy to make early losses in the process. Your time and attention are valuable and these sites want to pay for it. Meanwhile, you get the chance to grab some of that extra marketing cash before the offer ends.

Operators have put a lot of money into building technology platforms that make wagering on sports as enjoyable an experience as possible. They know that a large percentage of their new customers will stick with the first site they try; not just through inertia, but because it really is a good product. The strategy has been tried and tested in lots of US states. Now it's time for Arizonans to get their turn.

To this end they will offer free bets, that is after you make a deposit you get to make a bet with their cash, not yours. Some also offer no-deposit bets where you get to bet their cash before depositing a penny of your own money.

Why not celebrate the new launch and take your share of their cash with an Arizona free bet bonus? Read on and we'll explain exactly how to do it. And you'll have some fun now you can legally become a bettor and not just a sports fan.

What Is A Free Bet Bonus in Arizona?

Arizona free bet sportsbooks offers come in many varieties. The basic principle is that you get to place a bet or several bets for free. The marketing departments of these companies are well funded, but they want to get value for money just as much as you want their money. So, every Arizona free bet promotion comes with terms and conditions.

All are designed to keep you engaged with the sports betting site for long enough to become a loyal customer. The trick is understanding these T&Cs so that you give yourself the best chance of converting that money to cash in the bank.

Minimum Odds Level

The first condition to watch out for is a restriction on the bets you can make based on their odds. Typically, your qualifying bet must be made at odds of -200 or worse. That means a $200 wager would win $100. Negative odds indicate the favorite, so you can use your free bet to wager on the likely winner, but only if the game is not completely one-sided. Of course, you can wager on any underdog where you see odds quoted with a + sign.

Wager Value

This restriction applies to some free bet bonuses in Arizona. The rule is that you must bet the whole of your qualifying bet on one game, or sometimes up to five games. The restriction is more common when there is a large free bet or risk-free bet on the offer.

Wagering Requirements

If you win your risk-free bet, it is rare that the conditions allow you to cash it out straight away. Usually, you must make more wagers to clear the amount of the bonus. The free bet offer details specify this wagering requirement. The best free bet offers have a low wagering requirement where you might only have to wager 1x the free bet amount. Some operators demand that you wager as much as 25x the bonus amount before you can cash it out. The devil is in the detail, so always check the terms and conditions.

The other important factor to consider is how much time you get to clear the bonus. If you only have 30 days to clear 25x your free bet, there's a good chance that you will miss the deadline and lose some free cash. More usually you get 90 days or even 120 days. Short clearance windows suggest that the sportsbook is not too serious about giving you the free bet money.

Time Limits

Other time limits you may encounter are about when you make your free bet. Free bet offers Arizona bettors have access to will specify when you can place your free bet. This is often within a few days of registering your account or making your first deposit. The standard condition is a limit of between 48 hours and seven days.

Betting Type Restrictions

Modern operators offer a host of different bet types. Not all are eligible for that first free bet bonus. Straight bets such as moneylines or spread bets are always included but parlays, teasers, futures and prop bets are usually excluded. Other exclusions involve any promotional bets where the site or mobile platform is boosting the odds on a bet or offering extra prizes for a specific wager.

How Are Free Bets Paid Out?

Once you have satisfied the terms and conditions, the money in your online sportsbook account is finally yours to use as you wish. You may cash it out to your bank account, PayPal or whatever withdrawal option your site offers. Or you can use the money to continue your new sports betting hobby.

Most Popular Types Of Free Bet Offers

Free bets come in all shapes and sizes. There is almost always some form of free bet available to new customers. Existing customers can earn free bets through player loyalty schemes or through specific promotions. All come with their own individual terms and conditions. New customers can get access to the Arizona free bets offers by using the bonus code listed in each of our reviews.

Risk Free Bet

Perhaps the worst outcome for any operator is if lots of new customers end up losing money on their first bets. When you bet for real money and lose, nobody enjoys the experience. To take the edge off and ensure that your first experience is positive, these operators developed the concept of a risk-free bet.

With a risk-free bet at Arizona betting apps and platforms, you bet with money from your first deposit. If you win, fine you take your winnings and enjoy the moment. If your bet loses, your new account will be credited with an amount equal to the size of your losing bet.

The catch here is that most offers don't allow you to cash out your risk-free bet money. You must wager it first. At some sites, you never get to withdraw the restricted cash, but you can keep any money you win with it.

Matched Bet

A matched bet is a type of free bet where the free bet amount is determined by the size of your first bet or a bet you make on a specific game promotion. You can use the free bet to effectively double the size of your bet or put another way you get to make a bet for half price.

No Deposit Bet

One of the most attractive welcome offers at these sites is the no-deposit bet. You qualify for the promotion simply by registering at the sportsbook in Arizona. No-deposit bets are smaller than other free bet promotions running to around a maximum of $20. Sometimes the bet amount is split between different activities to encourage you to try different products.

Any winnings from your free bet come with some restrictions. Ordinarily, you must wager at least the amount of the initial bet before you can withdraw any winnings. The qualifying bets you make to clear the bonus cash are often restricted to specific bet types and to wagers with minimum odds of -200 or better.

Cash Back or Money Back Bet

Money back bet bonuses are more common in promotions than as new customer offers. At some sites, celebrity ambassadors make regular picks that form part of the promotion. Caesars Sportsbook in Arizona is a great example of this celebrity endorsement. If you bet on the promoted picks, you can get your bet back if it loses. If the picks form a parlay the cashback offer normally applies if you miss winning by getting one leg wrong. These promotions do not often restrict your use of the money credited to your account.

How Do I Find the Best Free Bet Offers in Arizona?

Sign Up for Multiple Accounts

When you check out our reviews, such as DraftKings Arizona or BetMGM Arizona you will see that each online bookmaker has a different welcome offer. Risk-free bets, free bets offers, initial deposit bonuses, there are plenty of choices. But you don't have to decide on just one deposit bonus offer or one risk-free bet promotion. Make a shortlist and try out any site or mobile platform that look good to you.

There's no reason why you can't open a new account at several operators. Take the welcome offer, play through their free bet wagering requirements and decide with the benefit of experience which one you will make your sports betting "home." We provide you with all of the Arizona sportsbook promo codes so the only task you have is to sign up!

Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Having a primary or "home" bookmaker has advantages. Once one has gained your attention, seen you make a first deposit and begun to place bets, it is keen to keep you loyal.

Most, but not all of the Arizona sites will offer a loyalty scheme. These are based on earning points for every real money wager. Every time you place a bet your VIP account points balance increases.

Additional bets can take you up the VIP ladder. Points convert into virtual money that you can use to exchange for benefits. Those benefits include free bets or other types of free bet offers.

Regular promotions are another strategy for retaining customer loyalty. These can provide new deposit bonuses; free bet offers or other types of free bets.


Another way to get your hands on some free bet credits is to refer a friend to the betting sites where you have your own accounts. There is usually a permanent promotion for helping the site and mobile platform build its customer list. Check out the promotion and it will list a bonus code or promo code for your friend to use when registering for an account.

Redeeming Risk Free Bets

Each site follows a similar process for redeeming risk free bets in Arizona. As a new customer you don't want to miss out on the free bet award, so be scrupulous in following the steps listed in the terms and conditions. The basic steps are:

  1. Follow the links on this site to your chosen operator.
  2. Fill in the registration form using the bonus code or promo code from our review.
  3. Log in to your account.
  4. Check the terms and conditions for your free bet offer.
  5. Check the cashier to confirm that the free bet funds are in your account.
  6. If the bonus is a no-deposit free bet, you can now take your pick and place your bet.
  7. Make sure your bet is a qualifying bet according to the terms and conditions.
  8. If the free bet requires you to make an initial deposit first, go to the cashier and make your deposit.
  9. If your bet loses, never mind you had some fun with their money!
  10. If your bonus is a risk-free bet and your bet loses, you should see a credit in your account.
  11. Use the free bet credits to make further bets according to the wagering requirements.
  12. When all requirements are complete you can cash out your winnings or continue to place bets.
  13. Now that you've tried one site, pull up one of your alternatives and try that. You'll get another free bet and can compare them to determine which works best for you.

How long do bonus funds take to arrive?

A no-deposit-free bet Arizona sportsbooks provide to you should be in your account as soon as you complete the registration process. There might be a short delay but not for more than a couple of hours. The bonus funds for a risk-free bet are credited to your account after your qualifying bet loses. If you win cash on your first bet, the promotion lapses. Credited funds arrive almost instantly, but terms and conditions often give the operator up to 24 or 72 hours to make the credit.

Pros and Cons of using Free Bet Bonuses

Arizona sportsbook free bet bonuses are standard across the US betting industry. Arizonans should see plenty of offers, but there are also matching deposit bonuses and other introductory offers sometimes available. The pros and cons of the free bet promotions are:


  • Free bets mean your first bet is more likely to be a fun experience. If you lose, you are losing someone else's money.
  • No-deposit-free bets are particularly good because if your bet wins, you might never have to deposit money at all. You can use your winnings to fund your sports betting hobby.
  • Risk-free bets and free bets from Arizona sportsbooks also give you the chance to take a bit more risk. You can take on longer odds knowing that your own money is not at risk.
  • You can use free bets to de-risk finding the best site for you. Test several ones out and use one as your home site while keeping the others to use to compare odds and promotions.


  • Using free bets takes time. The wagering requirements to clear any bonus money must be met before you can cash out your winnings.
  • The wagering requirements restrict the bet types you can use.
  • While clearing a bonus you normally can't take advantage of promotions such as odds boosts.
  • At some sites, the wagering requirements are set at unrealistic levels.
  • If you win your first risk free bet, it can feel like you've missed out on the free cash.

Arizona Free Bet Sportsbook Offers FAQ

There are usually no restrictions on what sports you can use to place your free bets. The major restriction to bear in mind is the minimum odds condition. You don't want to make your bet and discover that you've used your own cash when you meant to use the free bet offer.

Free bets are a type of promotion where the operator lets you make a first bet using their funds rather than your own. Typically, you get to keep the winnings, but the stake reverts to the operator. They can often take the form of a deposit-free bet offer where you get the free bets before you make any deposit.

Risk free bets are made with your own money, but you receive a free bet award of site credit if you lose. Often there are clearance conditions attached before you can withdraw the cash. They are a common marketing device to attract new customers.

On every operator's registration form there is a space to enter a promo code. This is used to claim any deposit bonus, free bets or other new customer promotions. You will see promo codes in all our reviews and in our tables of sportsbooks in Arizona.

Winnings from free bets are yours to do with as you like. However, there are usually some conditions to fulfill before you can withdraw the cash. These take the form of a wagering requirement so that you must first bet real cash on sporting events before you can withdraw. For risk free bets you must normally bet the same amount as the initial stake before you can make a withdrawal.


Over the last 10 years, Joss has written about all aspects of online betting for some of the top online publications in gambling. After a career as an Army officer, he spent time in business before taking up online poker. He eventually found himself immersed in all things gambling, including casino gaming and sports betting. Now Joss spends his day crafting content to help bettors in Arizona take the emerging sports betting market head on.